Music Is my Religon
Hai! I'm 15 and live in Sweden. I love music like Biffy Clyro, Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, All time low.....and the list goes on for a couple of years. I like to take pictures and listen to music and create a bit of Polyvore outfits. I also like to be crazy and to new stuff. I love to go to diffrnet countries and experience new culture and take more pictures! Now my brain froze so idk what to tell you but Anyway Baii!
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Trying to write a fanfic


Someone saying they love it on the first chapterĀ 


(via barafucks)

Justin Bieber Fans :OMGZZZ Justin Bieber iz a musical genius!!!!!!
Mickael Jackson :lol
Tom DeLonge :lol
Mark Hoppus :lol
Ronnie Radke :lol
Travis Baker :lol
Kurt Cobain :lol
Bob Marley :lol
Patrick Stump :lol
Matt Tuck :lol
Mitch Lucker :lol
Gerard Way :lol
Frank Iero :lol
Ray Toro :lol
Mikey Way :lol
Oliver Sykes :lol
Jared Leto :lol
Billie Joe Armstrong :lol
Mike Dirnt :lol
Tré Cool :lol
Dave Grohl :lol
Chester Bennington :lol
Paul McCartney :lol
George Harrison :lol
John Lennon :lol
Ringo Starr :lol
Brendon Urie :lol
Ryan Ross :lol
Damon Albran :lol
The Rev :lol
Zacky Vengeance :lol
Johnny Christ :lol
Synyster Gates :lol
M. Shadows :lol
Cliff Burton :lol
Ozzy Osbourne :Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?
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